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Q: How much does a candy, dessert, s'mores, hot chocolate, or popcorn buffet cost?

A: The cost of our buffets depend on the package selected, the number of guests, and any extra add on's that you choose. Contact us for your personalized quote!

Q: Does Sweet Wonders make the candy or other buffet items?

A: We purchase all candy and buffet items fresh from our vendors or partnered bakeries, who pass health and safety inspections. All their items are baked fresh daily.

Q: What happens to the left over candy or buffet items?

A: It's yours to keep, which we help you pack up for your convenience.

Q: If I do not want the leftover candy or buffet items, can you reuse it and give me a discount?

A: We purchase all of our candy and buffet items fresh for the heath, safety, and satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, we're unable to offer discounts for uneaten buffet items, as we do not resale.

Q: Do you provide the table?

A: Since most venues have tables provided, we do not include these in our packages. Although, we can provide a standard table for an additional fee.


Q: Does Sweet Wonders have a retail location?

A: This is a home-based business out of the Central Valley; therefore, we do not have a physical retail location. Although, we continue to provide service to both the Central Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, as well. 


Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: Depending on the location of your event, toll bridge fees, loading and parking, or add-ons, additional fees could be added to your invoice. If your event is outside of our general service area, there will be a travel fee added to your total invoice, as well. 

Q: Is tip included in your fee?

A: No, we do not include tips on the invoice, but it can be given at the discretion of the client. 

Q: Does Sweet Wonders determine the candy for the buffet?

A: We can, if you wish. Although, we have a list of assorted candy that you may choose from. These work well with candy buffets based on color or theme, but we always welcome new flavors. Please note that some assortments are considered premium at an extra charge.


Q: Who is responsible for set up and clean up?

A: Sweet Wonders will do the set up and clean up for all services agreed in our contract. 

Q: Is a retainer fee required to reserve the date?

A: Yes. A non-refundable retainer fee is due at contract signing to reserve your event date. This amount is 50% of your total service fee, with the remaining balance due one month prior to the event date. You may also choose to pay in full at the time of contract signing. 

Q: What type of events does Sweet Wonders provide services for?

A: We specialize in a variety of events and our buffets are perfect for any occasion. For example, birthday parties for young and old alike, children's parties, baby showers, bridal showers, engagement parties, cocktail parties, tea parties, corporate events, holiday parties, weddings, anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, church events, and more!

Q: Where can I order the edible favors?

A: We have an online shop that you can order from at anytime! Shop here

Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday Dessert Buffet
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